Introducing the All-New PDF Compression, OCR, and English Conversion Features!

Introducing the All-New PDF Compression, OCR, and English Conversion Features!


Amazing OCR Feature with Adobe Scan and Acrobat DC

Have you ever wanted to scan a document or a photo and instantly convert it into editable text? With our new feature, you can easily scan any document or photo using the Adobe Scan app, and directly share it to Acrobat DC for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion.

This incredible feature allows you to instantly recognize and convert text into English, making it perfect for students and professionals who need to quickly translate or edit documents.


PDF Compression - Reduce File Size Without Compromising Quality

Have you ever encountered large PDF files that are difficult to share or upload? With our PDF Compression feature, you can now reduce the file size of your PDF documents without compromising the quality

Introducing the Future of PDF Management: PDF Compression, OCR, and English Conversion Made Easy!

Whether you have scanned documents with high-resolution images or multiple pages, our Acrobat app can compress them into smaller file sizes, making it easier to share, store, and send.

Experience the convenience of having compact PDF files without sacrificing the clarity and details.


Seamless Collaboration with Sharing and Annotation Features

Collaborating on PDF documents has never been easier.

With our sharing and annotation features, you can easily share your Acrobat files with others and receive feedback directly on the document

No more switching between different versions or merging comments manually.

Simply share the document, receive comments as annotations, and incorporate them into the final version with just a few clicks.

Enjoy the efficiency and professionalism of seamless collaboration.

Discover the power of our new PDF Compression, OCR, and English Conversion features.

With Adobe Scan, Acrobat DC, and our advanced technologies, you can now reduce file sizes, convert text into English, and collaborate effortlessly.

Experience the future of PDF management today!